Meet Our

We’re Darwin’s customer care team. But really, we’re a team pet parents, committed to give you the care and support we’d want for our own pets. 

All of us adore our dogs and cats just as our family of customers adores their furry companions. Linda and her dog Lucy stay active together with hikes in the Pacific Northwest. And pup Poncho entertains his person Jorge on their walks by chasing all of the birds he sees.

Our pets are our family, so much so that we sometimes think they’re human. Brittany’s cat, Sushi, loves sneaking orange juice from unsuspecting people when they aren’t looking. Plus, Sushi appreciates being cozy, just like every other homebody, nesting on warm towels fresh out of the dryer. Amanda loves that her two cats, Fluffy and Blue, are both complete klutzes, just like her.

We know our customers need help sometimes with their pets, whether they have picky eaters on their hands or little rascals. Trust us. Just ask Eleanor, who’s raising her new puppy, Mercy, and undergoing all the trials of potty training. 

From a team of pet people to you and your family: We get it. From big milestones to small hiccups, we’re here to support you whenever you need it. Call us at  877-738-6325

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